Youlearn it Ltd has over 10 years of experience providing E-Learning solutions. We can provide e-learning solutions in a form of a game, online course or an eBook. We design and develop solutions for end users and companies. Using modern e-Learning technologies is a cost-saving way to arrange training.

Why e-Learning?

With an online course, you can train many employees or customers at the same time. E-Learning does not require classrooms and other training facilities. E-Learning is not dependent on time and location, your customers can do it wherever and whenever they want. One of the strengths of E-Learning is also its effectiveness by means of rich content such as videos. Studies show that e-learning implementations provide better learning results compared to traditional classroom teaching.

e-Learning platform

We help our customers to select the best platform customized to their needs. When selecting the platform, you need to take into account  a number of things, such as the number of users, functionality, localization, user needs, and information security.